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What You Need to Know

In operation for only 4 years, Ting is making waves in the cellphone market with their affordable rates and simple billing. They tap the power of both the Sprint CDMA network and T-Mobile’s 4G network to provide comprehensive coverage from coast to coast.

All of their plans are post-paid. Plans start at $6. From there, it’s a matter of what you use. Instead of signing up for a tier and hoping you use--or don’t go over--your allotment of data, text and voice minutes, you enjoy your phone and they’ll bill based on your usage at the end of your billing cycle.

What’s Good?

  • Innovative post-paid plans
  • CDMA and GSM phone support
  • No domestic roaming fees
  • Only pay for what you use

What’s Bad?

  • No roaming data support
  • Data can get pricey for heavy users (2+ GB)
  • No international roaming on CDMA devices

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Notable Features

Tier-Based Billing: Unlike most carriers who offer either pay-as-you-go rates or require monthly plans, they use a tiered system. Each usage type--data, text and voice--has five price tiers. This means you only pay for what you use in a month.

Ting Dashboard: Using the website or mobile app, you can control virtually every aspect of each device on your plan. Want to set a cap on the kids’ data? Need to set up alerts so you know what to expect on your monthly bill? Want to check who’s using all those minutes? No problem! It’s all on your dashboard. Unlike many carriers who require monthly add-ons, these features are standard on all Ting plans.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Listed as the best carrier “For usage that varies month by month but doesn’t get too high” by The Wirecutter.

How's the Network Coverage and Speed?

Coverage will depend on the network your phone supports. Ting is one of the only carriers to offer both CDMA and GSM service. CDMA coverage works with Sprint’s network while GSM uses T-Mobile’s network.

Data from OpenSignal breaks down their CDMA network types as follows:

  • 72% LTE (4G)
  • 18% eHRPD (3G)
  • 10% EVDO Rev. A (3G)

The same data breaks down their GSM network types as follows:

  • 68% LTE (4G)
  • 23% HSPA+ (4G)
  • 5% HSPA (3G)
  • 5% UMTS (3G)

You can check coverage and network types in your area using Ting’s Coverage Map.

As with coverage, the speeds you should expect will differ between CDMA and GSM networks. Data from OpenSignal, PC Magazine and Ookla all indicate that you’ll find far better speeds on the GSM network. However, your best option is to find someone in your area on either Sprint or T-Mobile and ask them about their speeds.

Speed summaries from OpenSignal’s crowdsourced CDMA and GSM data show speeds as follows:

  • CDMA 4G Download Speed: 6.3Mbits per second
  • CDMA 4G Upload Speed: 3.4Mbits per second
  • CDMA 3G Download Speed: 0.5Mbits per second
  • CDMA 3G Upload Speed: 0.6Mbits per second
  • GSM 4G Download Speed: 11.2Mbits per second
  • GSM 4G Upload Speed: 7.3Mbits per second
  • GSM 3G Download Speed: 2.4Mbits per second
  • GSM 3G Upload Speed: 0.7Mbits per second

Results improve when looking at PC Magazine’s 2016 “Fastest Mobile Networks” study:

  • CDMA 4G Download Speed: 20.58Mbits per second
  • CDMA 4G Upload Speed: 6.90Mbits per second
  • GSM 4G Download Speed: 19.88Mbits per second
  • GSM 4G Upload Speed: 18.02Mbits per second
  • GSM 3G Download Speed: 7.18Mbits per second
  • GSM 3G Upload Speed: 1.72Mbits per second

Note: The study did not test 3G CDMA speeds

Ookla’s “Speedtest Market Report” shows CDMA 4G download and upload speeds as 15.04Mbits per second and 4.70Mbits per second respectively. GSM 4G speeds clock in significantly faster at 21.02Mbits per second for downloads and 11.59Mbits per second uploading. The GSM download speeds were the second highest found in their report.

Note: 3G speeds were not tested on either network for this study.

Do They Charge Roaming Fees?

Both CDMA and GSM networks feature local roaming at no additional charge. Their support site notes that even if your phone is showing roaming within the US, you should have nothing to worry about when the bill arrives.

International roaming differs between the two network types.

For CDMA phones that support SIM-based LTE data, you can request a temporary SIM unlock and pick up a prepaid card at your destination. Specific steps vary by device. Because of this, Ting recommends contacting support at least one week before you plan to travel. For specific instructions, check out their International SIM Unlock for Travel page.

GSM phones will find international roaming much simpler. Depending on your destination, you’ll find additional surcharges for data, voice calls and sending texts. Receiving texts incur no additional charge. Fees differ by location. For a full list of fees, check their Travelling Outside the USA page.

What About Long Distance Fees?

All calls to numbers within the U.S. are billed as standard minutes within the tiered payment structure.

If you call outside the U.S., you’ll find additional per-minute fees based on your destination.
Charges for popular destinations at the time of writing include:

  • Mexico & Canada: $0.01 per minute
  • India: $0.02 per minute
  • China: $0.02 per minute
  • UK: $0.02 per minute

You can find out more about specific calling rates on their International Calling page.

Does Ting Offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes. If you have a supporting phone, they allow calling over Wi-Fi at no additional charge. They do not currently offer an app for Wi-Fi calling on non-supported phones.

Ting currently supports a range of Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. Apple devices are not supported. For a full list of options, consult their Wi-Fi Calling on GSM Devices page.

How About Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?

Yes. Ting offers VoLTE on select devices. Your phone must support the 700MHz and LTE Band 12 frequencies.

If you're unsure, we recommend contacting Ting to confirm compatibility.

Can I Tether My Phone?

Yes! Tethering is free with a supported device. Data used adds to your monthly bill at the same rate as mobile data usage. If you wish to disable tethering on your phone, you’ll find the option in your Ting Dashboard.

Can I Rollover Unused Data?

As data is billed by usage instead of purchased in advance, data rollover is not available.

What Add-ons or Bundles are Available?

With the metered usage tiers on this carrier, add-ons and bundles are not available.

Can I Bring My Own Device?

Yes! They support both CDMA and GSM devices, offering more flexibility than most carriers. Exact steps required will differ by the network type your phone uses. However, the process always starts with their BYOD Compatibility Checker. Typing in your phones IMED or MEID will get you started!

General requirements include:

For more information on finding the ideal phone to bring to Ting, consult their Buying a Device for BYOD Tips page.

Do They Require a Credit Check?

There are no credit checks with this carrier!

All you need to establish service is a valid email address and a U.S.-issued credit or debit card!

Do They Charge an Early Termination Fee?

As there is no device financing or term commitments, you are free to leave the carrier at anytime without incurring additional fees.

Can I Port My Number To or From Ting?

Yes! They support porting numbers both to and from any area where they provide coverage.

If you already have service, you can start the porting process through your Dashboard. For new lines of service, calling customer care is recommended.

Requirements include:

  • The account you are transferring from must be in good standing
  • You must know the name of the account holder and billing address
  • You must know the account number on the account
  • You may need the security question or PIN for the account
  • You must know the phone number you wish to port

For more information on number porting policies, consult their How to Transfer or Port a Phone Number page.

Will They Unlock My Phone?

All Ting phones are unlocked at the time of purchase. Due to this unlocking service is not required. If you already use a Sprint or T-Mobile phone, you might not need to unlock it to start service with Ting either!

For additional questions about pricing, features and coverage, be sure to check our Ting Q&A Forum. It’s filled with questions and answers from people like you looking to get the most out of their mobile service!

If you spot any errors or missing information, please let us know! It's appreciated and will help make this page better for everyone.

Voice network: CDMA 1900 MHz, LTE
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, LTE

Ting Customer Service

Mailing Address:
800D Louisville Street Starkville, MS 39759

Phone Number:
1 855 846 4389

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Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Coverage Maps, Manage Your Account

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Reviews (6.6/10 Avg. rating)

Chris Reining

Disrupting the mobile phone market

from Chris Reining

Ting is a cool cell phone provider that came into existence in 2012, backed by Tucows. Ting is what's called an MVNO, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which is just a fancy way to say that a phone on Ting uses Sprint's network, but Ting sets it's own prices for users. On a side note, I recently decided to switch to a smart phone, using Ting, from a dumb phone. Originally looking at getting service from Republic Wireless, who offers unlimited data, talk and text for $19/month, I chose Ting based on the fact Republic offers only one phone option, the Motorola Defy XT. So... Full review

The Wirecutter

For usage that varies month by month but doesn’t get too high

from The Wirecutter
You pay only for what you use, but this stops being a good deal if you use more than 2 GB of data per month... Full review
Top Ten Reviews

Ting has superb customer service and a budget-friendly plan structure, but heavy data users shouldn't apply

from Top Ten Reviews
With its bucket-priced plans and the best support in the industry, Ting simplifies cell phone service. Its lack of industry-standard features like unlimited talk and text can be disappointing, but the company is saved by a simple truth: If you watch your usage, you can pay significantly less with Ting than you would with any other provider. .. Full review
Android Central

Better suited for the casual user who just wants to use the phone for texting, calls, and some data usage

from Android Central

Ting is obviously not a carrier for those of you who want the best stuff now or who do not flinch at paying $80 or more a month for your smartphone usage. Ting is better suited for the casual user who just wants to use the phone for texting, calls, and some data usage. I even think it would be great for those with kids, as you can potentially save much money down the road.

In that sense, picking up a cheap Sprint phone like the HTC 8XT and spending $30 a month (or less) is quite enticing. Of course, if Ting (and by extension Sprint) had a more comprehensive phone selection and t... Full review

The Gadgeteer

Ting’s business model is sound and logical

from The Gadgeteer

I hate to admit it, but I dislike having to think about limits, overages, or how close I am to an arbitrary tier, even if there is no penalty for having to bump up to the next level of service. I really do prefer unlimited plans. I like not having to worry about number of minutes, texts, or megabytes I have used over the course of a month. So, my family and I are not likely candidates for Ting’s “pay-for-what-you-use” cellular service (even though it would most likely save us money). That being said, there are many who may want to give it a try as a cost effective alternat... Full review

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