The Folks at NoiseHush have offered up a new take on car speakerphones. The SOLARVisor N650 is a capable car speakerphone which has the added benefit of being solar-powered. Yup. On the underside of this very light, compact device (no larger than a deck of bridge-sized playing cards...and thinner), is a solar array that draws power from the sun to provide an alternative from battery-powered competitors.

Billed as "an ideal and eco-friendly hands-free for both vehicle and office use, which harnesses the natural power of the solar energy to help it recharge on the go," the N650 could easily pay for itself in money saved from the batteries you'll never need to buy. The N650 offers a talk time of up to ten hours, a standby time of up to 160 hours and a charging time listed at about two hours.

What's in the Box:

You receive everything you need to use the N650 right out of the box, including a very clear instruction manual, suction cups and clear plastic bracket, USB cable for charging directly from your computer, and a car cigarette adapter. No tools or additional equipment are necessary as this device was built to be simple to install/uninstall, making it truly portable.

Special Features:

The SOLARVisor N650 offers a solid feature set that, combined with the "no batteries allowed" policy, make it a formidable contender in the car speakerphone market:

- Answer/End/Reject a callnoisehush_n650_01-500x500

- Redial last number

- Voice dial (Requires voice enabled phones)

- Prominent, dedicated volume control buttons

- Call transfer with your mobile phone

- Microphone mute

- LCD showing caller ID

- Built-in phone book

- Solar charging, USB charging and car charging via cigarette adapter

- Full duplex DSP (echo cancellation and noise reduction)

- Call Waiting

The N650 also has a unique design whereby the LCD display can be folded open and positioned for optimal viewing while driving, all while it's solar array remains focused toward the sun.


The N650 is a capable speakerphone that offers a variety of popular features, is easily paired, offers good call quality and can easily pay for itself with its rechargeable Li-ion battery.

While billed as a car solution, it can just as easily be used in any situation where a speakerphone is needed. The build materials are clearly molded plastic and feel a bit cheap, and while this may not be a direct drawback, it is worth noting that competing products use heavier, more durable grade materials without sacrificing portability. The LCD display presents only blue; lacking color options could make it difficult for some users to read the display.

Overall it's a creative, competitive product that makes driving safer, can pay for itself and works the way it's supposed to right out of the box.

The SOLARVisor N650 was kindly provided to the Cell Phones Etc. review team by WirelessGround. Wireless Ground offers a full line of quality mobile smartphone accessories and products at an affordable cost.