Do you take a lot of pictures with your smartphone?

Rather than just share them on Instagram or Snapchat, why not make some money from your creativity?

Below are three awesome apps that will earn you a little extra cash.


If you already have tons of images on your camera roll, you can easily upload these images to Foap and earn $5 per picture sold. You can upload as many images as you like, however you will have to rate five other photos for each one you upload. In order to be listed in the foap database, your images must rate at least a 2.5. Once you are listed in the marketplace, your photo can be sold as many times as you want, so if it’s a good picture you could end up making a decent amount.

Aside from the regular marketplace, Foap also runs various “missions” from large brands like Puma and Sony, which run more or less like contests. Foap users can sign up for these missions and submit their photos.

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Fotolia Instant

Fotolia’s roots lie in the stock photo business, but they’ve since expanded into the smartphone realm. Like Foap, Fotolia Instant allows you to upload you images to the app.

Their staff carefully moderate all submissions to ensure they meet certain quality and esthetic requirements already in place on the site itself. Luckily the app itself also offers a professional camera app with settings that allow you to manually control to exposure and aperture separately.

Once the image is approved, Fotolia sells each one for 3 credits (approximately $3) and pays out a royalty between 20-63% for single downloads and 0.25-0.40 credits for subscription based downloads.

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If you’re more of a current events phonographer, Scoopshot might be the app for you. You can find and claim available tasks in your area. When a photo sells, you will receive $2.50 each time. Enough for a Starbucks!

You can also post your own newsworthy photos and videos and set your own price for them.

Scoopshot has numerous media partners around the world. If your image was published one of those major outlets, you could stand to make a lot of money and feel great about your work.

Aside from the tasks, media companies are also using Scoopshot to run various photo contests.

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So which app is right for you? Well that depends on your own preferences.

Foap is a great app for people who love taking pictures and want to share them as well as potentially make a little bit of money. With that being said, despite the attempt at quality control, there are still a lot of images for people to sift through. If your images do not rank highly, it’s possible that no one will find your pictures.

Fotolia does not suffer the same issue as Foap, however it is far more difficult for amateurs to meet the esthetic and quality requirements their editor’s have put in place. Not only that but the actual wages earned from the photos are relatively low in comparison to Foap.

Scoopshot earnings can vary greatly depending on if you are applying to a task or setting up your own portfolio. This app is great for people who are always on the lookout for something interesting and newsworthy, but not necessarily for people who are homebodies.

Whatever app you prefer, all of them are risk free and a great way to not only share your work, but also bank some extra cash.