Calendar apps make it simple to combine the information already in your phone with an intuitive interface to provide greater benefit than printed calendars (or the default Calendars app) could ever touch.

With hundreds of options to choose from, picking the best app might seem a little daunting.

Throughout our search of the most popular calendar apps for Android devices we looked for apps that are as easy to use as they are powerful. The ability to integrate existing calendar feeds and social aspects is essential as well.

In the end, we found five outstanding choices to fit nearly any lifestyle or requirements that you might have.

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#1 - DigiCal Calendar Editor's Pick

When it comes to the usefulness of a calendar app, how it presents your information is everything. DigiCal Calendar offers one of the most flexible designs on the market. Widgets, split-screen displays, integration with a variety of services--this app does it all. And it looks great while doing it.

You’ll find the free version offers plenty of functionality and a fair bit of customization. But where the app really shines is its paid version. For under $5, you can nearly triple your display options and make the interface work just how you like.

The app will link with any calendar service that Android natively supports--including Google Calendars, and Exchange Servers. It’ll even carry over the colors and tags from your previous calendars. Looking for added privacy? You can designate a calendar as offline only and it exists only on your device.

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#2 - Business Calendar

If you’re a calendar power user, Business Calendar offers a simplified design and advanced features to help you juggle your busy schedule. Multiple views make it simple to drill down into the details of your day while integration with contacts and location-based notifications add extra flexibility in scheduling and reminders.

While it’s not the most stunning app in the round up, it has a loyal following due to it’s solid performance and frequent updates. Upgrading to the Pro Version offers more ways to manage your events--including the popular drag ‘n’ drop feature and editing multiple events simultaneously.

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#3 - Outlook

This recommendation is a bit tricky.

Outlook in its current state is a nice calendar app. It’s also one of the few calendar apps that include an email client to help streamline your workflow. But as far as extra features go, you won’t find a lot.

It supports common service providers, including Exchange servers and accounts with Google or Yahoo, and presents information in a simple and clean way that makes it find what you’re looking for.

You’ll also find multiple views to drill down into your schedule as deep as you wish you get a quick overview of upcoming events for the month or week. But it doesn’t do much in the way of the integrations that many apps on this feature. Yet...

In a recent blog post over at Sunrise, the team mentions that much of Sunrise is being rolled into the new Outlook app. Many of these changes have taken place already.

While already a solid, if basic, calendar app, if Outlook rolls in the complete feature set of Sunrise Calendar, it might just become the app to beat. If you don’t like the app today, keep an eye on it. There could be great things coming.

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#4 - aCalendar

Combining near endless customization options with the classic calendar views everyone is comfortable with, aCalendar offers a straight-forward calendar experience for the purists out there.

The app integrates with most calendar services to make importing you existing calendars a snap. Then you can get busy customizing entries with colors, creating recurring events and optimizing your calendar to your liking.

While there’s not a lot of visual flair to be found, the app is a solid performer and the no-frills design means you won’t find yourself searching for commands or getting distracted while trying to work or find an event on your schedule.

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#5 - TodayCalendar

While looking at the screenshots to this app, you probably think it looks familiar. That’s because it’s based off the stock Android Calendar app. But it takes the basic foundation of the app and gives it a massive makeover.

Powerful scheduling features, flexible views and a stunning design combine to make it a great choice for someone looking for a no nonsense calendar experience. One of the most popular features of TodayCalendar is it’s hybrid view that places the monthly calendar and daily agenda on the same screen.

Most of the features are available in the free app. However, the premium version is one of the most affordable on the list if you’re looking to get a little more out of the app or support the developer.

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Offering outstanding value to both power users and people looking to customize their interface, DigiCal Calendar gets our pick for the best calendar app for Android. However, depending on how the Sunrise Calendar and Outlook merger unfolds, it might have some competition soon. Until then, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a capable calendar system.

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