Voice network: CDMA 1900 MHz, LTE
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, LTE

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West Los Angeles, CA


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The VOIP Hub

Definitely one of the more honest, straightforward companies out there

from The VOIP Hub
The fact is that FreedomPop is what it advertises itself as being, which is a cheap (or even free) wireless carrier for those who are tired of signing one or even two year long contracts. This carrier really does allow its customers to cancel their service anytime they want without fear of any fees. The Premium Plus service from FreedomPop also has a lot of great features to offer, which is why it is worth considering for those who are thinking about switching from their current wireless carrier... Full review
Top Ten Reviews

Disappointing mobile broadband provider

from Top Ten Reviews
FreedomPop may offer some of the cheapest mobile internet plans in the nation, but it’s far from being the best. With glacial connection speeds and unintuitive customer support, you're virtually guaranteed to have a better experience with one of the bigger names. Still, if you're after a budget deal, it's tough to beat FreedomPop's prices, especially if you go with the free 500MB plan... Full review
Saving Freak

So inexpensive that it is worth the hassles

from Saving Freak
Overall FreedomPop is so inexpensive that it is worth the hassles that might get thrown your way. The reviews online are mixed and that is to be expected with the limited customer service. The overwhelming sentiment is that if it works for you this is a nice service to have... Full review

One of the most affordable 4G mobile broadband providers

from Reviews.com
FreedomPop is the perfect solution if you are looking for 4G mobile broadband internet on a budget. Its most expensive plan comes in well below many companies’ cheapest plans while still offering reasonable download speeds... Full review
Bible Money Matters

A great way to save on wireless bills

from Bible Money Matters
I’ve been using the FreedomPop service only for a short time, but so far I’ve been impressed. When I’m in a 4G area the speeds for both uploads and downloads are very good, and you can’t beat the price. Not only can you get 500MB of free data, but if you connect with friends and complete offers you can end up with tons of extra data every month. Now that they’ve added 3G service as a backup for only $3.99/month, it’s even better... Full review

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