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Why is the picture quality bad when I send a photo with messenger through my HTC U11?

When I take a picture and attempt to spare it through google/android messenger, the photo quality in the sent and received text message is extremely poor.  I have read that this is a Sprint issue because the size of the photos the U11 takes I have also read that the google app is the issue. This is extremely frustrating.  I text photos to stay in touch with family and friends AND this is a $700 phone.  I shouldn't be having this issue.  

Hi Stacey. Did the receive of the picture get a bad quality? Open the Messages app and check it's settings if there's a way to adjust MMS quality. In case there isn't try other text messaging apps like Go SMS Pro and Textra.

Also, you may want to consider using apps like WhatsApp and Viber when sending photos to family and friends.

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