Why can't I receive group text messages on the Samsung Galaxy Centura?

I get some of the responses from a group text message but most I do not. It is just a blank screen. Sometimes it has a "download" button but when I click it, it says "can't download". Is there a fix for this? I have my service through Tracfone.

I had the same problem until my sister told me to turn on my data. That solved the issue.

I as well have this issue. Comes in as a pic file that's blank

I would love an answer to this question also. I have been a tracfone user for years and have always been able to get group texts and now I am unable to do so.
I am glad to know that I am not alone but I would love to know how to fix this.
I was able to see the button for "download" and it supposedly downloaded but I don't know where it went or where I am to see it.

I noticed lately that I get the original group text but as others respond, I can't always see them (they are blank) and it's only from certain people. I may get 5 responses from the text but can't see 1 of them. I have my phone through Tracfone and tried several times to join their blog to report the issue and I never get the confirmation email and when the issue is listed it is always taken off line so you can't tell what the fix was...so annoying.

I have the same issue. Are other people able to receive group texts? I can sometimes see one side of the conversation, but it's often just a series of blank texts.

Odd.. Maybe they're purposely sending blank messages. Try this: using another phone in your house, send a group message to everyone inside your house and check the message in each phone. You should be able to receive the same message.

It is not a different app. It is a group message and I was getting them and now I get a notification and see who it is from but the message is blank. I get individual texts just fine from the same people so it is only an issue with group texting.

Hmm... Is it just a group text message or are you using a different messaging app? If it is a group text message, you may be not receiving it because they forgot to include your number in it.

Not the answer you were looking for?