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How long until Apple iPhone 8 Plus ships out and arrive?

I went into a sprint store on September 26, 2017 a Tuesday to get my phone upgraded ( iPhone 6+) to an 8+.  To avoid the activation fee I had the lady order it in store for me. The order was placed at 4:02 pm September 26. The lady said it should arrive within 2-3, but it’s September 28 and it’s still saying pending shipment. The website at first said, will ship out 9/27 if ordered on 9/26 before 6pm so I figured yesterday it would ship and somewhere near the end of the week it would be here.

now the website says ship between 9/28-10/7??

Hi Jadira. It's best to directly contact Sprint about this. Only they will know the shipping status of products.

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