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Eating up Data


I just got a tracfone which I like. But, I find that I am eating up a lot of my data and having to refill it on a very frequent basis. I'm not going through minutes or texts the same way. Is there any better deal to avoid this? I think I keep having to refill at least every couple of weeks. I tend to watch a lot of youtube, although I try to stick with shorter videos. Can someone advise if they've found a better way?

First try the way Carl P offered. And you can use Coolmuster Android Cleaner to help you clean up unwanted files on your phone to free up space on it. 


I have the LG Premier Pro 5.3"...

Hi there. What phone are you using? Please let me so I can help. For now, I suggest turning off mobile data when not in use. Also check Settings -> data usage/mobile data to know what is eating up your data.

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