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Sony SRS-X9 review

9.4/10 AVG.
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Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9
Sony SRS-X9

Specs / Features

Wireless Inputs Airplay, Bluetooth
Warranty (Months) -
Size 12 x 42 cm (4.7 x 16.5 in)
Weight N/A
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Reviews summary section

What's good

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Supports numerous audio formats
  • Minimal style with premium build and materials

What's bad

  • Harsh edge creeps in at high volumes
  • Pricey

After struggling for a decade to regain their market share, Sony is throwing out their old designs in favor of hi-res audio across its product line. With the release of the SRS-X9, Sony is bringing their hi-res expertise to the wireless speaker market.

Like other wireless speakers the SRS-X9 is capable of streaming files wirelessly or via Bluetooth and AirPlay. To improve your wireless signal reception Sony has included a built-in antenna, which you can push back into its cabinet when not in use. There are several connectors: a USB-B and A port for high resolution 24-bit playback, Ethernet socket and a 3.5mm audio in jack all located in the bottom right hand corner of the speaker.

On first glance, reviewers describe the SRS-X9 as "understated" with its "pedestrian" rectangular shape but closer inspection reveals it as a premium and solidly built device. AV Forums calls its appearance "pure class" due to the black glass top, removable metal grille and brushed metal sides. The combination of metal and glass does make the SRS-X9 fairly hefty at 4.6kg. But critics have no problem with the weight considering how solidly constructed it is.

More important than the design, of course, is the sound quality. The SRS-X9 utilizes a seven speaker design with five at the front and two tweeters on the top. This is mean to create a larger sound field. The woofer is located behind the grille with bass radiators on either side and the mid-range driver on the left and right of the bass. Critics note that the location and organization of these speakers allow the SRS-X9 to fill a room with music despite its relatively small size. They add that the sound itself was great as it provided a great sense of scale and rich, full-bodied tones. It especially shines at lower frequencies as What HiFi states, "…[it reaches] really deep into any bassline without ever compromising on precision and detail." But reviewers don't consider it to be too bass heavy. In fact, they consider it to be fairly well balanced across the board except for the occasional brightness to the treble when the volume is cranked up. They do add that the harsh edge to the treble is much more noticeable on compressed audio file formats than on high-res.

Reviewers have no problem recommending the Sony SRS-X9, especially for audiophiles. Digital Trends states, "…[it] is a tour de force of elegant style and high-performance sound, but it will cost you."

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