Specs summary


The Apple iPhone 6s's screen is 4.7 inches with 750 x 1334 pixels resolution.


There is a Apple A9 1.84 GHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the iOS 9 (Update Available: 9.3) operating system (OS).

12+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 12+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera with 5+ megapixels resolution.
16/64/128 GB

Internal memory is 16/64/128 GB. No external card slot is available for expansion.


The phone is powered by a Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol), 1715 mAh battery. Apple's performance ratings are 10 days standby time, 840 minutes (2G), 840 minutes (3G), 660 minutes Wi-Fi surfing.

An impeccably made phone, the iPhone 6s's familiar design houses unparalleled power and an innovative new input system that could influence the path of mobile game design for years to come.

- Jon Mundy , Pocket Gamer 

Excellent performance and new features like a pressure sensitive touchscreen and 12 megapixel camera help make the iPhone 6s the best phone Apple has offered yet.

- Ed Hardy , Brighthand 

Reviews summary

Based on 52 reviews

What's good  

  • 3D Touch adds new layer of information and navigation to touch screen
  • Upgraded rear and front camera for crisp and accurate pictures
  • Incredibly smooth and fast performance
  • Solid build construction
  • Live Photos capture short video moments seamlessly

What's bad  

  • Display doesn't offer as high contrast or details as competing Android phones
  • Live Photos take huge amount of space
  • 3D touch easy to confuse with long touch
  • Live Photos often come out choppy and erratic

Even for Apple it can be difficult to get consumers excited about a new smartphone every year. After all, how different can the new one be from the prior year? Many reviewers considered the iPhone 6 to be a great phone, but barely an upgrade from the iPhone 5S aside from the larger screen and better camera. Apple promises that the iPhone 6S is different as noted by their marketing tagline, "The only thing that's changed is everything." At first glance, it might seem like not much has changed. The 6S looks almost identical to its predecessor except it is now heavier at 143 grams and slightly thicker at 0.3 inches. The extra padding and weight comes from the use of adoption of the Series 7000 aluminum build. This tougher aluminum frame is meant to prevent bending, an issue some experts discovered in the iPhone 6 Plus. When tested they did not notice any flex with Digital Spy going as far as calling it, "…the most well-constructed handset on the market."

The 6S has the same 4.7-inch, 750 pixel display as the 6, which disappointed reviewers. While it is technically a Retina display (326ppi pixel density) they were not wowed by the sharpness or contrast ratio, especially when compared side-by-side to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Still, they add it the screen is just as bright and colors still vibrant. What really makes the display special is the new 3D Touch technology. In essence it is a touch sensitive screen that will pull up different options/commands when users do a regular versus a firm press. While it might sound simple in theory, experts warn there is a bit of a learning curve and fine-line between a firm press and the traditional long press. Still, they add once they got used to it, they found it incredibly useful as it accessed dozens of useful shortcuts and gave them the ability to easily preview emails without going into the actual email, check links from messages and view pop-ups in their calendar.

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As per tradition, Apple has upgraded the internal specs of the S series. Now equipped with an A9 core processor and 2GB of RAM, reviewers found it to be significantly faster than its predecessor. They experienced no issues when switching between tasks, multi-tasking or even handling graphics-intensive games. An M9 co-processor is also continuously running so Siri can now constantly listen out for commands without the need for button presses. In a surprise move, Apple has actually reduced the size of its battery to 1,715mAh. Even more surprising, experts were still able to get around a full day of moderate use and they were able to charge it back up to full in just over an hour. It comes in three different models: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB though critics add that the 16GB version will not be enough storage for most people's long-term needs.

Another impressive upgrade from its predecessor is the camera. Apple has moved up the megapixel count to 12 for the main camera and 5 to the front. As expected, critics were able to take consistently detailed and accurate pictures thanks not only to the higher resolution but improved lens technology and quick shutter speed. Unfortunately, it does not come with optical image stabilization technology leading reviewers to take blurry and noisy low-light images. The biggest change to the camera is its ability to take Live Photos. This is essentially a short video of the moment you took the picture – about 1.5 seconds before and after you snapped the picture with audio. While a nice feature, they quickly realized many of these videos were too choppy and erratic to really share. Still, they did like the fact it ran so silently in the background. There were no additional buttons they needed to press and they could still take pictures just as quickly. Apple also included the option to turn this feature off, which critics suggest as Live Photos take double the storage as normal pictures.

While an excellent smartphone, reviewers do not suggest upgrading from an iPhone 6 just yet even with the addition of 3D touch. Cult of Mac states, "…you don't need 3D Touch yet…Having said that, I don’t want to take anything away from the iPhone 6S. It's an outstanding smartphone…If you have an older iPhone, or you can afford to upgrade early, iPhone 6S should be your next smartphone…" Techradar adds, "If you're desperate to get a new iPhone, and can afford it, I'd recommend the new iPhone 6S wholeheartedly, especially if you're jumping from a 5S. However, if you're a little more thrifty then perhaps the iPhone 6 will suit your needs."

Reviews (8.8/10 Avg. rating)


It’s the fastest and smoothest smartphone I have ever used in my life

from About
Now it’s time for the magic question: will I be using the iPhone 6S as my daily driver? As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really have a daily driver; perks of being a technology writer and reviewer. I’m always testing something new and exciting. However, these days I’m thinking of getting a separate work line, and If I do get one, the iPhone will get my vote for a second smartphone... Full review

Maximum cuteness

from Softpedia
The iPhone 6s remains the best buy for a sub-5-inch device. It's undoubtedly the best, even though so many people are buying bigger phones looking for better battery life and a larger display. But despite this trend, the iPhone 6s survives and keeps a lot of people on “small” phones. The iPhone 6s is the one sin that anyone can turn down to and nobody can blame them for it... Full review
Know Your Mobile

Dominating across the board

from Know Your Mobile

The iPhone 6s, as expected, doesn’t look like much from the outside. It is exactly the same as the iPhone 6, save for the slight difference in weight, and Apple has largely left the aesthetics alone, meaning if you weren’t a fan of the plastic strip and nubbin-style camera sensor then, well, you’re not going to like this one all that much either.

The only physical change that is noticeable aboard the iPhone 6s is its new colour -- rose gold. Beyond this the handset is simply a refinement of what came before. Apple has improved the camera, performance in general,... Full review


S for superb

from Gearburn
I love the iPhone 6S. There, I said it. If you want a phone that’s always going to be by your side, that will never argue with you and that will look as good as your smug little face while using it, then the iPhone 6S is for you. I can’t find too many faults, but it’s just a pity that only the super-wealthy can afford the 16GB let alone the 64GB option... Full review
PC Advisor

3D Touch will change how you interact with your iPhone

from PC Advisor
It doesn't just boast impressive new features, the boosted internals provide us with a much faster iPhone than we're used to, and tasks that would take seconds on our iPhone 6 Plus took a split second on the iPhone 6s. We're excited about the technology the iPhone 6s offers, and what it means for future smartphones... Full review

Pushes the smartphone user experience forward in significant ways

from AnandTech

Overall, after spending all this time with the iPhone 6s I can’t find anything really wrong with this phone. On the contrary, the A9 SoC is a huge jump in performance even relative to other SoCs on the same process node to give impressive application performance. The storage solution is unlike anything else in mobile that I’ve seen so far. The camera’s overall user experience is just about the best that you can get on the market. 3D Touch is a big improvement in user experience, while TouchID v2 and always-on Siri are worthwhile improvements in user experience. The only re... Full review

Minimally Minimal

More meaningful improvement

from Minimally Minimal

This is an “S” year for the iPhone, and the big addition is 3D Touch. I was skeptical at first, but after a month with the 6S, I think it could become an important part of the iOS experience. For now, we just need more apps to support the feature in more meaningful ways. Currently, my favorite 3D Touch experience is the ability to push on the keyboard and bring up a cursor. A more meaningful improvement for many may be the faster A9 chip. The 6S is significantly faster than the previous phone; so much so that going back to the 6 will make you wonder how you ever lived with it. T... Full review


One of the best-designed smartphones

from Reviewed
Like most marketing slogans, when Apple says "everything has changed," it's not to be taken seriously. Apple has put in a lot of work to refine the 6s, but at the end of the day it's a lot closer to the 6 than whatever the iPhone 7 will wind up being. But what the iPhone 6s lacks in innovation it makes up for in consistency, reliability, and charm. It just makes the experience of using a smartphone as painless as can be. And boy, does it look cool doing it... Full review

Better cameras, ease of use, feature-packed software

from GottaBeMobile

Apple boasts that, “The only thing that’s changed is Everything” in the iPhone 6s ads on TV. This is a bold claim for an iPhone “S” model that looks the same other than a new Rose Gold color option, but it is a fitting way to describe the upgrades that Apple includes with the iPhone 6s.

Even though many users will not need all the processing power packed into the new processor, it enables new Live Photos and 4K recording. The new cameras on the front and back of the iPhone 6s place the iPhone at the top of the class. It is easy to take good photos wi... Full review


Best in class performance

from Digit
They say an iPhone is supposed to be expensive, and Apple fans will never question that. There’s no denying that the iPhone 6S is a good phone, but there’s also no denying that it’s an incremental update over the iPhone 6. It’s really powerful and the performance is to die for, but if this was an Android phone, we would all have been criticising it... Full review

I hate this phone

My first iPhone and my last

My first iPhone and my last


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