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GoPro HERO6 Black review

8.4/10 AVG.
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GoPro HERO6 Black
GoPro HERO6 Black

The GoPro Hero6 Black instantly becomes the best action camera you can buy based on the specs.

- Phil Hall, Matt Swider, TechRadar 

It's not cheap, but it's a worthy upgrade for anyone looking to maximize their creative options from the rugged little camera.

- James Trew, Engadget 

Specs / Features

Video Features
4K Yes
Photo Features
Megapixels 12 MP
Usability Features
Ports USB-C
Warranty (Months) -
Weight N/A
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Reviews summary section

What's good

  • Image stabilization for 4K videos
  • Sharper and more colorful videos out of the box
  • More controls over ISO, shutter speed, etc.
  • Linear zoom option great for framing shots better

What's bad

  • Poor battery life
  • HEVC file format not universally supported
  • Colors sometimes too saturated

While competition is steadily increasing for action cameras, GoPro still has a firm grip on the market and hopes to gain an edge with the GoPro Hero 6 Black.

But without being the only name in the game, does it still do the trick?

Find out more below!

GoPro’s design motto seems to be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s identical to the Hero 5 Black. In fact, reviewers suggest you put a mark on one camera if you own both so you can tell them apart.

The back of the device comes with the same 2-inch screen, but reviewers were happy to find the colors were more vivid than earlier models. And while the screen offers a touch interface which most used with no issues, it also comes with voice control.

Though the similarities add confusion, there is a benefit to having the exact same design as the previous model. The Hero 6 Black works with existing mounts and accessories, so you don’t have to buy new ones or wait for accessory makers to adapt to the new design.

It also kept other features such as waterproofing up to 33 feet with no housing and a sturdy plastic chassis. Experts dropped the GoPro several times without running into any issues.

So if the design hasn’t changed, what has? GoPro has introduced their first chipset—the GP1 processor—boosting the camera’s recording ability. It now offers 4K video capture at 60 frames per second (fps). If you want to add a dramatic effect to your videos, it now can record 1080p video at 240fps or 2.7K at 120fps for a slow-motion effect.

While GoPro isn’t the first action camera to offer 4K at 60fps, reviewers agree it is the best on the market in terms of video quality. They were impressed with the overall sharpness of images. Most of the videos also offered excellent contrast and color though they add sometimes colors appeared too saturated.

Luckily, you can adjust the color and a range of other options—such as shutter speed, adjusting white-balance, more in-depth ISO control, and more—using the camera’s intuitive controls.

But frame rate and resolution is not all that sets it apart from its predecessors. GoPro has expanded their image stabilization system to include 4K footage at 30fps. Reviewers were impressed with how much smoother and more natural the videos looked, even when comparing it to the previous generation. It also made it easier for them to take handheld or mounted recordings on shaky surfaces.

If you also want to take pictures on the go, the Hero 6 Black can also capture 12MP images (same as the previous model) but it now includes a built-in HDR mode.

One final update is the new linear-zoom option. You simply adjust a slider to change your field of view so it only shows what you want in the frame. While it might seem like a lackluster feature, experts were happy with it as it allowed them more creative freedom.

If there was one area to complain about the cameras, it is battery life. When recording in 4K/60fps, critics drained the battery in around an hour. With 1080p/30fps, the battery lasted almost two hours. With that said, most argue that shooting 4K isn’t practical for most people since it takes up a lot of space—even with GoPro’s use of the more compressed HEVC format. So if you’re planning a long day out, you’ll need multiple batteries or you’ll need to drop the resolution.

Despite its higher price point, reviewers highly recommend the GoPro Hero 6. Trusted Reviews states, “It’s the best action camera you can buy today.” Techcrunch adds, “The Hero 6 Black delivers excellent performance that bests its predecessors in several key metrics.”

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