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BlueAnt T1 Rugged review

7.7/10 AVG.
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BlueAnt T1 Rugged

Specs / Features

Type In-Ear
Volume Control No
Playback Control No
Noise Canceling Yes
Warranty (Months) 12 months
Size 7 x 10 cm (2.8 x 3.9 in)
Weight N/A
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The "1-Minute" Review


While you could spend more you do not need to. The T1 is an excellent Bluetooth headset at a competitive price.

Billed as a rugged, durable headset, BlueAnt claims the T1 can function in winds up to 22mph, due to its new Wind Armour technology.

Convertible owners take note!

The T1 also takes voice commands to the next level.

For example, instead of having to touch a button in order to answer calls, you can now simply say "answer" or "ignore".

The voice recognition technology appears to have improved as well, and you'll have fewer issues of being misunderstood. "Answer" is read by the device as "answer" and not, "Taco". Truly a step forward.

But we're getting ahead of myself. Let's back up and take a peek at what you get "In the Box" with the new BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth Headset.

Priced at around $79.00, the BlueAnt Headset ships with:

  • One (1) T1 headset
  • Two (2) silicone sleeves (to protect your headset)
  • A variety of earbuds (rubber adapters for optimum comfort)
  • USB adapter (allows you to charge directly from any standard outlet)
  • Two (2) plastic ear supports (plastic adapters that wrap around your ear for added stability)
  • Two (2) rubber headset protectors (which can be used while wearing the headset)
  • Quick Start Guide and assorted other written material, including warranty information and trouble-shooting tips

First Impressions

What we liked immediately about the T1 is the dedicated, "on/off" button positioned on the underbelly of the headset.

This was a stroke of genius because many headsets do not have such a dedicated button, forcing remaining buttons to do double-duty and resulting in uncomfortable situations where you have to press and hold for a certain number of seconds in order to receive the desired result.

By eliminating the "on/off" problem with a simple and discrete toggle switch, the remaining buttons are no longer overworked.

Equally important and refreshing were the separate and large volume control buttons that rest on the crest of the device.

These dedicated buttons are pronounced and easy to locate under any conditions.

The benefit to the user is more control over the device and an improved wireless experience.

PriorĀ headset models, including those by BlueAnt, have made these buttons either too small or placed one on top of the device and the other on the bottom, inviting confusion and frustration for the user.

The T1 solves this problem by providing proper real estate to both volume buttons and keeping them side-by-side to prevent confusion.

Pairing the Device

Once you turn on your T1 headset, a friendly voice offers basic guidance to assist you in pairing your phone. Once done, making calls is a simple matter of saying a command and the call is placed.

While the voice recognition still has its occasional problems, if you speak clearly you will find that the T1 is a true asset when you are driving or otherwise on the go and don't have the time to stop and directly interact with your phone.

Compared both to prior BlueAnt models and others, the T1 performs extremely well.

Value and Quality

BlueAnt offers firmware updates and support for product owners, so you won't have to worry about your device becoming obsolete too soon. And as mentioned earlier, the T1 comes with everything you need to immediately use the headset.

We would add that the comfort level of the T1 is such that the included plastic ear loops will be unnecessary for most users, but the fact that they are included is a nice touch. The written materials are easy to follow and you'll want to find a place to keep all the extras included in the package.


The BlueAnt T1 is an excellent Bluetooth headset at a competitive price.

It's comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, easy to access and interact with, and provides a better level of call quality than prior models. Set-up is about as simple as it gets, and BlueAnt continues supporting customers after the sale.

While you could spend more you do not need to.

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