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What to do when ZTE ZMAX won't turn on?

My ZTE zmax went turned off and won't come back on.  It's not a battery issue as it was on charge.  I have no activity from the phone all. Please help me


I just got my ZTE Zmax Pro at Christmas, its now only Feb 22, and I had the same problem! I went to bed, it worked perfectly fine, I wake up the next morning, it won't do ANYTHING! I tried all types of tricks, and still nothing! I am very disappointed in ZTE, my last ZTE phone would turn on and turn right back off! I LOVED the ZTE Z Max Pro! Absolutely LOVED it...until now! All that money gone! All my pics, music, files, EVERYTHING...GONE!

Try press and holding volume up + power button. Let me know if that works.

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