ZTE home base unit

I have had this unit for the past 18 months and the call forwarding has never worked. The agent on facebook just told me that my unit doesn't support call fowarding but my manual says that it should work. (but doesn't) I am confused so figured I would check here. I was told the older units supported it but not the newer ones? Is this true? 

So I found this manual from Consumer Cellular. It has instructions for Call Forwarding. Can you check and confirm if that's what you've already done?

Hi Carl, the instructions (PFD file) that I downloaded from Consumer Cellular   says:   ZTE WIRELESS HOME PHONE BASE,  Model number:


 it is possible that the model we have doesn't support call forwarding although the PDF file instructions tell you how to do it. I have spent countless hours trying to make it work following the instructions but all I get is an "out of order" sound. I also spent an hour chatting with a Consumer Cellular agent trying all the different ways to get it to work and none worked. Then the agent contacted T-Mobile and told me that they had "fixed" the problem but it was never fixed. That was back in Sept of 2019. 

Thank you for your reply. If you can think of anything else, please advise. I looked for more information on the actual unit but could not the model number on the device so it could be a different model number than what the instructions say. 


Hi Martha. Sometimes(from my experience), manual included was written for various models. It is possible that you got the model that doesn't support call forwarding. Have you tried following the instructions on the manual? Also, can you tell me which home base unit you have?

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