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Why is my Samsung Galaxy On5 full and how can I get more internal space?

I have a galaxy on5 and the storage is always saying its too full, i have deleted everything including contacts, apps, and everything that is deletable. i only use it for the wifi so i do not have any actual phone service or data. I also factory reset it. it says i have  images using 373mb, audio (i have only the ringtones it came with for notifications, all other music is deleted) 4.64, videos 1.04gb, and apps 3.64 the storage amount for my phone is 8 and i only am able to use social media apps fb snapchat and instagram. i have one system cleaner app. it doesn't seem like my phone should be full, i disabled apps i don't use and the social media apps and photos/videos are on sd card. I thought that the sd card is considered the external memory. So i transfer whatever i can to the card which is saying its almost full at 8gb. is my phone just broken?

Hi Jessica. I noticed on my older phones that after I deleted files/apps, it didn't refresh the available storage. Have you tried restarting your phone then check the storage again?

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