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Unable to send/receive multimedia messages

I recently switched from AT&T to CC.  I have an unlocked galaxy s9.  I can't get mms.  I called CC and they told me to reset APN settings.   Tried with no success.   Really don't want to get a new phone as I just got this one, and it worked fine on AT&T.   Any solutions?


Hi Janet - I had the same problem and agree with Carl's solution, except:

  • APN and APN Name is ereseller
  • MCC is 310
  • MCN is 410
  • APN Type is the second choice he gave (default ....fota)

Good luck!

Hi Janet. Did you use this APN settings below?

Name reseller

Proxy port Blank or Not Set

Proxy push Enabled or None

Authentication type secure, none, or not set

Username <Blank>

Password <Blank>

APN reseller


MMS Proxy

MMS Port 80

Authentication Type None or Not Set

APN Type default, mms, supl or


If you haven't, can you please try. Let us know how it goes.

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