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Why does my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge get extremely hot?

Samsung has been giving me the run around in regards to warranties for my phone. Owned it 2 1/2 months when it got extremely hot and actually cracked the Gorilla glass on the back of the phone. After four calls and speaking with a "supervisor " said I can mail it in and it would be around 2 to 4 weeks for them to fix it and get it back to me. No loaner phone is given during that time. 

Why is Samsung doing this to there customers? I've owned 5 Samsung phones and my wife on her second Samsung tablet, so I consider myself a loyal customer.

Is there anything I can do to get my phone fixed without either going out of pocket or without a phone for up to a month?

If the phone is less than 1 year from purchase you shoud get a FREE replacement phone from your carrier. If not I hope you have a warranty from wherever you got the phone. If you bought the phone from eBay or a friend if you did not purchase a warranty then you are probably out of luck. I suggest buying refurbished phone on Amazon. They are factory refurbished not owner refurbished. I do not work for Amazon. To answer further questions I would need more details on where you purchased your phone and how much you spent on it. Hope this helps

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