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Danielle Fullmer

Remove screen record apps how?

My paranoids boyfriend mirrors my phone, created zips of my info, saves it on his device & constantly changes my settings now my sim card pin is locked & I can make emergency calls only.

Huh, that truly looks like being recorded. Do you have a lot of apps? Depending on your phone, please go to Settings -> Apps -> from here, check each app on Google Play Store so you can identify the recording app.

Danielle Fullmer
Danielle Fullmer

How can I tell if it's really a system app or a clone or.. 

I have a status bar icon that looks like chrome cast but is red and not found anywhere I believe it may b a recording/ mirror app. 

Hi Danielle. You need to find the screen recording app used. You can simply uninstall it by tap and holding on it, you should see trash bin icon after. If it's PIN locked, it should be asking for PUK code now. Check the pack that came with the SIM or contact your carrier to get it. Good luck!

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