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Can I get warranty in Mexico if my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 purchased in Canada two months ago has quit?

I bought a Tab 10.1 in October to use in Mexico this winter. By Xmas it had quit, wouldn't turn on,

or show anything on the screen.  Can I get it looked at under warranty in Mexico?

Hi Richard. Here's how you can get International warranty according to Samsung:

  • The customer must contact Samsung’s contact center where the customer is located.
  • The contact center will perform troubleshooting. If it is determined that the unit requires repair, the contact center will arrange for service.
  • The customer must return the Samsung product to a Samsung’s authorized service center including any external hardware and Media along with proof of the purchase.
  • Please note some countries allow the customer to drop off the Samsung Mobile Computer at a Samsung authorized repair center while other countries only allow the product to be shipped.

In addition to that, I hope you have a proof of purchase to show in case it is needed.

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