Mi music - updating problem

Hi all, I wanted to ask how can make Mi music (the default music app on the phone) to enable the function of automatically update the album covers, name standardization. I like the fact that the Software algorithm is really quick in realizing the song, updating the title, downloading the album cover. For example: the original title of the below song is Lalala by Mighty Moth (with typo - the correct one should be Mighty Mouth). Mi music can recognize the official name of the song and automatically change this. I just dont like the fact that they auto change that to the local language - I want to have alphabet name only (Reason being I have quite a lot of songs in ). Any chance to set Mi Music to do that? (i.e. still auto update the song info - but to alphabet instead of local language). The only solution I found now is to reverse it back to original title and edit the name manually by Using the button "Discard changes" here. However, after I press that, the album cover is also deleted. The bottom line is that: I want to keep the album cover (downloaded), and the song title, artist in Alphabet. Any solutions for this? Really appreciate any help

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