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How to stop automatic installation of apps after factory reset of my Huawei Honor Holly?

Hi, i am using honor holly u19 for the last 2 years. And i have uninstalled cashboss app and champ-cash  app last week after one week i got a problems like " short cut created for location Services app and many unwanted apps", many times i haven this problems. Then many unwanted apps are installing automatically without my permission and even after uninstalling again and again down load apps re installing automatically. I did factory reset more times and now also these apps installing automatically .Mainly in settings location Services app shadanly visible and close automatically. Google Services apps created 2 or 3 times, all apps follow these actions.  Please help me how to stop this...

Hi adisurya. Did you install anything before that started happening? I'm pretty sure one of your apps is causing this so uninstall recently installed apps specially if you installed an app from an unofficial source.  You might also want to scan your phone using anti virus apps.

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