How long is the Motorola Moto G warranty period?

My phone's display seems to be like the pixels are broken when I increase the brightness to maximum.... I can see some green and red spots

I have purchased a moto g2 seven months before, but nowadays i am getting problem with Charger, so i want to know it will come under the warranty or not

20 days back i purchased motog 3 gen thro online Whenever I make the receiver says that my volume is very low and it's not clear

how i can get warranty online based on imi number

I purchaged Moto g3 last month. How can i get warranty on this? Is there any free service.

Reza Thmpson
Reza Thmpson

Purchased moto g approx. month and a half ago,experiencing same problem Robert.

Robert Bruno

my moto g is getting very tiny sounding to the point where I can't hear the caller. does anyone else have this pproblem?

Phone not charging. May be battery? Tried 3 different charging options and none worked. It happened unexpected.

Motorola backs up the Motorola Moto G with a 1 Year parts & labour warranty.

If you've got a Motorola Moto G that is on the fritz and is within its warranty period, you can find Motorola's contact information here.

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