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How do you reply to a text .my mob 2051x

Cannot find how to reply to a text

Hi, on this phone the menus do not give you to" reply" to a message, which would be a 1 click operation. What I found out before typing your reply you need to start a "new chat" which is at least 10 clicks (provided the name you are looking for appears right away from the name list) and this also entails  manoeuvring through menus. How practical is that ?  Also viewing the received message is a little confusing. This is not good news.  I had  high hopes for this phone but probably will switch back to TTfone, which does not have a camera but has a torch and the radio works without  plugging the headphones in.  Not as much space on the screen but is more straight forward and faster to use.

Hi David. Is there anything when you press options when viewing a message? I can't find anything about in on the manual.

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