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How do I get my Doro Liberto 820 Mini to receive all calls, accepts some but not others?

accepts some calls but noy oyhers

I don't have an answer, I'm afraid, but I do have the same problem, and can add a few details.  When somebody calls me with the screen locked (invisible), I can make the screen visible by touching the on/off button.  The screen shows the locked home page, and I need to swipe up to unlock it.  The screen then shows green (accept call) on the lower left, and red (reject) on lower right. To answer, it seems that the user must swipe up on green.  When I do this, I get a message "Mute call?" with yes/no buttons.  I can't think why this comes up, because it's useless - but I can't see how to avoid it.  By the time I've managed to get past this, the caller has probably rung off!

Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks in advance...

Hi Jim. What happens on those calls that aren't accepted? Are they instantly rejected or when you answer they get disconnected? I'm thinking that maybe you are using a call blocking app, I checked the manual and it looks like the phone doesn't have that feature built-in it. Did you install one recently? 

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