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Why does my Huawei phone freeze when playing videos?

My Huawei smartphone freeze the video like it does not play smoothly through our, not sure but i think it the quality. Because I have already tried downloading mx player but still the problem stands. Any recommendations please assets me

Earphones or speaker the problem still stands, only when I'm playing the video on the original video app that come with the phone. but now recently the mx player seems to be the solution it plays the  video just fine, I don't know the if it's temporarily.

Hmm odd. Are you playing the videos while a headphone is plugged into your phone? If you do, can you observe playing videos and just use the speaker of your phone. Let us know if there's a difference.

Yes the clips still freeze on YouTube

Ok, thanks for letting us know. Does that also happen in YouTube? Also, can you tell us the size of the video? I'm using an older phone, I remember I had videos that lags even when I use different video player apps.

I'm Huawei p9 lite and it brand new.

Which Huawei phone are you using? It is possible that the video is too big for your phone or the copy of the video is broken.

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