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How to recover deleted photos on the Huawei P9?

Hi, I have a Huawei P9 and intending to delete one inadvertently taken photo on it I have stupidly deleted the entire camera file instead with 18 months worth of photos on it.  I have never backed anything up and Huawei support say that I cannot recover them. I thought that the data would still be there waiting to be written over so until I did that it would still be possible to recover it?  I have only just deleted it so am hoping someone out there has a solution?  I am a little disappointed that there was no check question requiring me to confirm before deleting the entire camera file but...

Hi Bob. There are softwares around the web that claims it can recover deleted files. But I can't vouch for any as I haven't tried any yet. You can try apps like Dumpster (link). Good luck! Hope you can recover your photos.

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