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Why won't Huawei P9 play video clips?

Hello , my Huawei p9 wont play video clips .

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I just had the same problem. I got my new p9 lite today and wanted to transfer my sd card. That went good, but I wanted to see if it all want well, I opened the galery, clicked on a video and pressed play, the screen went black for about 0.2 seconds and displayed the same screen from before I pressed play. After some testing I found a different app called "videos". I opened it and accepted some terms and conditions, after that it all worked good. 

Maybe it helps for you.

I have the same problem that my videos won't display on gallery you tube Instagram Netflix anything I go on and I was wondering if you had the answer to fix it by now

The possible reason is the network connection is too slow to load videos.

If your phone is running out of storage space, you need to clear the cache or unwanted files to free up storage space. .

If this video formats can't be supported by Huawei. So converting them to compatible format like MP4 is a good way. 

Btw, you can even watch DVD on Huawei with some converter

my huawei p9 is not playing video after a new update. how can i fix it? please reply ASAP! 


I have recorded a video with my Huawei P9 and when I try and play it back, the screen flashes black and goes back to the image of the clip with the play icon

I am trying to use snapchat for videoas and it wont let me take any

I had exactly the same problem and using the separate 'videos' app works well. 

Hi Moayd. In which file format are the videos in? Maybe the phone just doesn't support. I suggest that you install other video player apps like MX Player.

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