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Does the Lenovo Vibe K5 support VoLTE?

Can volte update come on vibe k5 yes or no😊

I have Lenovo Vibe k5. A good phone. But it does not support Volte Calls directly. I have to use JIO4GVoice for making calls . And usage of this app slows down the mobile, drains the battery and causes occasional hanging. So that's it. 

There is some talk on the net that this mobile will get an update which will enable VOLTE calls. But not sure when.

i want to buy lenovo vibe k5. does the mobile supports 4g volte.

i didnt ask reliance jio sim.

in generally vibe k5 supports volte or not.


Plz lenovo k5 vibe volte  solution

Some user say it does, while some say it doesn't. There's a list of phones which shows which phones Reliance Jio supports VoLTE, Lenovo K5 Note is under the list of not supporting VoLTE. (source)

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