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What carriers offer kids phones?

A reader asks: I want to get a cell phone for my son. Which options are available or what carriers offer the best selection of cell phones for kids? Any recommendations?

    Even just a few years ago, the choice of kid-friendly options was quite good. Most carriers offered at least one tracker phone model or a basic phone model geared toward little hands and minds.

    Popular past options included: Kurio Smartphone, Firefly glowPhone and the Just5 Classic Series.

    These days however, it seems most of those options have disappeared.

    While you can still source options online, often they are only available for purchase second-hand or from classifieds and auction sites. Given difficulty finding a reliable source, we don't usually recommend them.

    Since the perfect choice for your 5-year-old might not be the best option for your teen, we recommend you check out our guide on the best phones for kids. It offers some suggestions based on a few common scenarios and age ranges.

    Good luck!

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