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How to take photos on the ZTE Blade L3?

Hello Everyone,

Just having received the Blade L3, and 'played around' with some settings, I decided to take a photo.

I can navigate to the front and also choose the rear view or  "selfie" direction, but it is all video.

When tapping on the Camera icon, the screen opens with the shutter button and to the left is the video camera icon.

I cannot discover how to take a camera shot, everything turns out as video!

How do you change from video mode to camera mode, please?

(The only good thing about this problem is that I can now delete video shots that have been "saved" in my Gallery!)

While on the subject of problems, may I ask a separate question please?

I have a USB cable supplied with the Blade L3, I cannot make my laptop (Lenovo G585) recognise it. I tried downloading the USB driver and suite (Wondershare Mobile Go) but they have not facilitated the acceptance of the phone, so I removed it. The only way I can obtain photos from my PC is to attach them to an email and send it to myself. Then download the photos to the camera - not the best method of aquiring photos! I obviously cannot transfer photos to my PC as I cannot yet connect!

Any advice on this problem too, please?

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance,

(I have a feeling that with this new phone, I shall most likely be back to ask what might seem to many to be silly questions, so please forgive me!)



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