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Why can't callers hear me from my Doro 8030?

My mother in law has had this phone only 2 months, today suddenly nobody can hear her talking.  I'm not local so can't go and look, any ideas what it could be that I could explain over the phone or text to her?

have a Doro of some kind not specified on the phone( box gone,was on mantlepiece for a year before started using it) and have looked thro all makes for the mic in case i have accidentally muted it as people struggle to hear me.....i do have the phone muted the bottom right crossing parallel lines button when all makes show the mic as a slight bulb on top or near the 5 or 8 buttons- theres one above the 5 here tiny little just how is a user supposed to know if s/he has accidentally muted the mic as nothing shows up at all if you press it..... should this now be binned? Is it the sound  mute button overriding the system? Experiments have shown this makes little improvement when back on..... i do make calls with it off as forget....i vet all incoming calls see to avoid sales calls and believe if its important a message will be left and sooner or later we will connect when we are both free.....i dont like getting out of the bath to answer a phone selling me cat litter or free this or that....its bullshit 99 times out of 100// advice please....will anyone there with tech knowledge ever see this?????????????

Hi Heather. Check if your mic is blocked with any particle or your case (if you're using one). Also consider the quality of call, check if both callers have good network signal. Check your screen, maybe you accidentally muted your mic.

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