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Alcatel U5 keeps failing to update

Weeks ago I got a message on my U5 to say an update was available. I downloaded it and told it to instal but it fails, 'Error'. It reboots and says 'download corrupted'. At one time it also said that it wasn't compatible with my phone and would attempt to fix it so that it would work.

I still get the update option but it has failed dozens of times.

Anyone having this and is there an answer>



Hi Bertie,

Experienced much the same thing as you. Have the  U5 3G, and started getting notifications about 2 months ago of an up date which subsquently fails each time.

Think my issue began after I had removed the battery and sim and the date reset itself without me realising when I turned it back on. Not sure as can't see what the update is but suppect it's the same upgrade to Android 7 from earlier in the year.

This always seems to to be trigged by me connecting to wifi with the phone, don't use  the phones wifi much at all.

I clear all notifications otherwise the phone will endless try to install and fail, fallen over droid, this seems to let me use the phone normally until next time I connect to any wifi.

Have read and been told that the one of the cache's needs to be cleared via recovery mode but when I follow the set instructions for Android recovery and the menu appears I can't access any of the options!

Let me  know if you find an answer and I'll do the same. In the  meantime I'm keeping my wifi disabled. Oh and I always have have my mobile data turned off as don't like being charged for that as I use pay as you go. top ups.

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