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Headline Best phone I have ever used
Text This phone is simply amazing. For lazy people like me, the fact that the battery lasts 3-4 days (with my calling habits) without needing a recharge is great. Also, the speaker phone is very clear and eliminates most background noise. It is packed with features like a calendar, alarm, calculator, etc. And they are all easy to navigate to and use. The most impressive things about this phone, aside from the battery life and the features, is it's durability. I have dropped, thrown, and generally abused this phone for the last 2.5 years and it still works great (although it looks a little rough). If you are thinking right now "yeah, but it is so large..." then you do not deserve to have this wonderful phone. Go buy that ridiculous RAZR that you want that matches your new ipod. My next phone will certainly be another sanyo.