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Headline EXCELLENT... and KILLING the competition!!
Text I've been through sooo many bluetooth devices I can't even begin to list them... but if I'm being honest I really have to say this is hands down THE absolute best bluetooth headset I've ever used for cell phone communication. Plantronics REALLY has something GREAT here. Works as advertised. Noise cancelling is excellent. Not sure why I've seen people complain about the buttons on the thing... The buttons are fine. Fits very comfortably and stable/solid in your ear. etc... all the great stuff others have said I totally agree with... Only four issues I would say anything negative about: First, I only get about a 4 hour talk time out of it. So, because I do so much talking/business, etc... on my cell, I got two of them. Keep one charge case on my keychain and when one is going dead I change them up... this system works great. Second, I do not like that on the lowest volume setting the device is still too loud in my ear. I'd like to be able to lower the volume down to hearing almost NOTHING. third, the thingy/attachment strap on the charger/case that you would you attach to a key ring is pretty flimsy and on mine it shredded within a week and I almost lost the charging case. It was found by a coworker who knew it belonged to me so I got lucky. What I had to do is modify that case myself by drilling a small hole in the case (case is very solid) and rig my own strap through using a leather strap and key ring. It worked nicely... but still, I feel plantronics needs to design something of a bit higher quality there. What good is the device if I lose that charging case capability/portability?? Lastly, I'd like to NOT have to open the charging case to see the charging state of the device/case. How about a small window cut into the cover so one could look at the case and quickly see the charge status. Overall, again...I STRONGLY recommend this device. If plantronics stays engineering these and future revisions of this along this line, the competition will NEVER catch up. Great job plantronics... well worth the money.