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Headline Good performance, unique 3G extensibility option, reasonable price

I must say I am quite impressed with my Archos 80 G9. Actually, I am not as much impressed with the device itself as with the fact it packs the latest Honeycomb with Android Market, pretty decent technical specification, good performance or unique 3G extensibility option at so reasonable price. I have paid £199 for the device buying directly from website, however shortly afterwards Dixons started offering the same model at unbeatable price of £171 (update: it’s £199 now)! Suddenly all these ultra-budget Android 2.x powered tablets make absolutely no sense whatsoever as Archos is beating them in virtually every single aspect. So if you’re looking for brand new budget Android tablet, yet one which have very little corners cut to keep price low, Archos G9-series tablets are definite way to go at the moment. Simply unbeatable.