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Headline Waterproof, great battery life, very little slowdown with its performance

Considering that this is Pantech’s first foray into the tablet scene, we’re astounded to see that they’ve been able to present us with an admirable effort with the Pantech Element. Yeah, it might not boast the same brand recognition as some of its rivals, but nevertheless, you can’t count it out since we’re compelled by its balanced performance and offerings. Without a doubt, it’ll catch a few eyes on the way since it’s the only Honeycomb tablet on the market that we can honestly survive through some minor spills and submersion under water, which you don’t see that often. In terms of pricing, it’s not that bad when you take account that it offers 4G LTE connectivity for only $299.99 on-contract or $449.99 outright. All in all, it’s a resoundingly great starting point for Pantech as they continue to impress us with their surmounting efforts in the market.