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Headline It's a pleasure to use in terms of touch interface and screen readability

Sony has done a very good job this time and the Sony Reader Touch Edition is a pleasure to use in terms of touch interface and screen readability. For $299, the Reader offers a great array of features including native PDF support with zoom, ePUB and Adobe Digital Editions compatibility, the responsive 6" eInk touch screen with natural page turn gesture support, both text and graphical note taking applications, text annotation (both highlighter and pencil style) and Google book compatibility. We love the dictionary and how easy it is to use, and have already found a few libraries to borrow ebooks from thanks to the library finder built into the new desktop software. Sony's selection of commercial books is very good, though they still don't offer as many titles as Amazon. They've lowered their prices and are now closer to Amazon's pricing. The industry has a ways to go and grow, but Sony is heading in the right direction with their support for not just commercial storefront titles but public domain books and digital library books.