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Headline Good Phone and worth the price you pay.
Text This phone was to be my stand by phone until Iphone releases its 3G version, but I feel I will keep it until the end of my contract. It serves my purpose - Making calls . good call quality,audible,no issues with signal and reception. Got 1 bar when I was in elevator and call did not get disconnected. - Battery life . I allow it to discharge almost to 5% then charge it back to 100%. Battery stays for 2 days with minimal usage and close to day and half with lot of usage (only calls, no browsing). - Appearance and interface is very much improved and looks good. I have been a loyal amazon customer for close to two years, had no issues with any of my orders. On time delivery. Some issues I had were - Transferring phone book. Used a software from internet to transfer from my contacts from Outlook to Phone memory. - No CD or handsfree along with the product. Need to get it seperately. - very glossy, so need to clean it sometimes to remove fingerprints. All in all a really good phone with required features.