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Headline Easy on the eyes and wallet

If you want a nice-looking Android Wear smartwatch for around $199 (£199, about AU$252 ), the ZenWatch is another very solid option. There's nothing here that could be described as a killer selling point, and it doesn't quite stand up to the Sony Smartwatch 3 in terms of battery life or general ruggedness. Regardless, this timepiece is certainly in the top tier of rectangular Android Wear watches on the design front.

If you're sold on Google's wearable OS, our best advice would be to find a shop where you can compare this in terms of look and feel against the Moto, LG and Sony watches, then buy the one that suits. For my money, though, a Pebble Steel, or maybe waiting to see how the Apple Watch shapes up, seems like better options right now. You can even try waiting on Asus with the hopes it will have a better successor, since we'll probably see ZenWatch 2 announced later this year.