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Headline A mobile internet-capable tablet for a bargain price

The HP Slate 10 HD isn’t a tablet I would buy for myself, but then again I’m somewhat of a power tablet user. It is, however, a tablet I would buy for a child or an older parent who isn’t technically savvy and just wants a device that could get them on the web and allow them to send emails. For these types of parents or grandparents the HP Slate 10 HD is especially tempting because of its free 3G service for two years--get someone this tablet and you don’t need to mess about setting up Internet in their home. The tablet is hamstrung by some underwhelming specs, specifically its screen’s low resolution and some pretty underwhelming cameras, but for a 10-inch tablet that lets you accomplish all the basics and then some while only costing £149--including two years of free 3G--it’s not a bad tablet at all.