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The Kobo Glo's screen is 6 inches with 768 x 1024 pixels resolution.


There is a 1 GHz processor (CPU).


The tablet runs on the Unknown operating system (OS).

This model has no built-in camera. Sorry, no selfies.
2 GB

Internal memory is 2 GB. An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


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The number of e-book readers with built-in backlighting used to be zero. No longer. There are now over half a dozen e-book readers with backlit screens, and one of them is the Kobo Glo. It comes with a rather sizable 6-inch e-ink Pearl touchscreen display and lasts up to 55 hours of continuous usage with the light on.

In terms of speed, the Glo has no issues. It runs on a 1GHz Freescale processor that’s more than capable of driving the 1024x758 pixel touchscreen display. The high native resolution results in crisp on-screen text, great for reading on the go. And of course, with the built-in backlighting, it’s possible to read pretty much anywhere regardless of whether it is day or night.

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As with Kobo’s other e-book readers, the Glo is designed to work well with social networks and offers easy access to nearly 3 million books in the Kobo eBookstore. And the best thing is that it is available in a range of different colors, so you can easily choose a style that's uniquely you.

Need to Know: Kobo Glo

1. High-resolution e-ink Pearl touchscreen display offers crisp text on all kinds of digital content. (The Good)

2. Built-in backlighting makes it possible to read at all times of day. (The Good)

3. Lacks built-in 3G wireless connectivity. (The Bad)

4. A bit too expensive for its price-to-features ratio. (The Bad)

Reviews (7.9/10 Avg. rating)

Know Your Mobile

The ComfortLight, the responsive touchscreen, and the OS make this an ereader that is just too good to pass up

from Know Your Mobile

For a suggested retail price of £99.99 the Kobo Glo is twice as expensive as the Nook, but still £10 cheaper than the new Kindle Paperwhite. But the Glo more than makes up for its double price over the Nook in both form and function, and at £10 cheaper than the Kindle it still comes in ahead considering it’s physically smaller and lighter.

If you aren’t already tied to Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem and want an exceptionally good, mid-priced ereader, get the Kobo Glo. The ComfortLight, the responsive touchscreen, and the OS make this an ereader that... Full review

Laptop Magazine

A basic white square with an E Ink screen in the middle

from Laptop Magazine
The Kobo Glo offers a good reading experience with an extraordinarily bright backlight and a large selection of content. With a price tag of $129, the Kobo Glo backlight and gamified reading experience help this e-reader stand out, but it doesn't unseat the champ... Full review
Digital Trends

It may not be enticing enough to lure e-book lovers away from the big boys

from Digital Trends
The Kobo Glo is a decent e-reader with good features and an average design. It doesn’t score a definitive win over the Nook or Kindle, but it is competitive in a way previous efforts from the company weren’t... Full review
Computer Shopper

It's a compelling e-reader for those seeking ePub support and an alternative to Amazon's walled garden of content

from Computer Shopper

So, take a very close look at the Kobo Glo. It’s a handsome device, and there’s virtue in supporting a high-quality underdog. However, for U.S.-based consumers, we suspect the Kindle Paperwhite still has an edge. You may already purchase items from Amazon, and it has a diverse product range that should ensure it will sustain its content ecosystem for years ahead. Its e-mail-files-to-your-Kindle feature, its X-Ray content-indexing feature, and its lending library for Amazon Prime customers are very compelling benefits to joining the Kindle tribe. But for those who seek another pa... Full review

Chip Chick

Lighting is very bright and very evenly distributed

from Chip Chick

In two areas the Kobo Glo clearly outdoes its competitors. Firstly, it offers better and more even lighting than both the Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight, and the Paperwhite. It also offers a MicroSD card slot that the Kindle Paperwhite lacks. Does that mean the Kobo Glo is a superior choice? Unfortunately, its design is a bit lacking, since we wish the design for the Kobo Glo was more rounded and as ergonomic as its competitors. We also wish that its contrast was a bit better. That said you can’t go wrong with this device either as it’s definitely a solid alternative that can... Full review

Tech Hive

Lightweight and has excellent ComfortLight technology, but it suffers from a lack of contrast

from Tech Hive

The Kobo Glo is a handy little e-reader that offers both lightweight portability—even compared to its competitors—and a built-in light for reading in the dark. Unfortunately, it’s no longer the “cheaper” e-reader: The Kobo Glo costs about $10 more than both the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and the Kindle Paperwhite. While it is lighter, other aspects of the experience make it difficult to justify those extra $10.

At the same time, it is only $10. If you’re particularly into social networking integration, the Kobo Glo is a winner, and if you en... Full review

Digital Versus

It's intuitive, user-friendly and responsive

from Digital Versus
There are lots of reasons to get the Kobo Glo. It's intuitive, user-friendly and responsive. The backlighting is the perfect answer to all those who wish they could use their e-readers low lighting. And having access to the WH Smith e-book collection is a real plus... Full review
The Inquirer

User-friendly and bright screen

from The Inquirer
The Kobo Glo is a great e-reader, and the rather functional design is more than made up for by the device's light, its ease of use and open approach to ebook formats... Full review

User-friendly, bright screen, ePub support

from V3
Overall, the Kobo Glo is a great e-reader, and the rather functional design is more than made up for by the device’s light, its ease of use and open approach to e-book formats... Full review
PC Advisor

An incredibly simple device

from PC Advisor
The Kobo Glo is an incredibly simple device, matching Amazon’s Kindle in its user-friendliness and gradual learning curve. It makes finding and buying books nearly seamless, although Amazon still has a slight edge in pricing and range of books. The Glo is almost as refined as is possible for a touchscreen e-reader... Full review

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