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Reviews (8.4/10 Avg. rating)

Digital Trends

Brings along a significant number of new features

from Digital Trends
If you weren’t already using Google Maps, be it because of the lack of iPad support or because you were still sure that Apple Maps would do the job just fine for you, then now is probably time to make the switch. Google Maps was already great and it really only gets better with version 2.0. The update adds in features that are handy not just in finding your destination but in getting there as well, and it rounds out the Google Maps app as the best option out there for mobile navigation... Full review

Explore is well done, and has plenty of content

from iMore
The new stuff is great, and some of it – traffic in navigation in particular – maybe long overdue, but still a welcome addition. Maps on iPad is great to have, and some of the design elements are excellent, just as we've come to expect from Google. But, it's janky to use at times which isn't good, and we've come to expect so much better from Google's iOS apps. If that gets fixed, and offline maps becomes more accessible and user-friendly, Google has a definite score... Full review

A very good mapping application that returns some much-missed features to the platform

from Macworld

Google Maps is a very solid entry in mapping and navigation apps; those that have been waiting for it since upgrading (or holding off their upgrades) have probably already downloaded it. But given that it’s a free app, having it on your phone costs nothing but its slim 7MB download.

Best of all, installing it isn’t an either/or proposition: Google Maps and iOS’s Maps can happily live side-by-side on your iPhone, and you can choose whichever you like at any given moment. As it is, there’s no reason not to download Google Maps and give it a try, and many wil... Full review


A well-done app with some drawbacks

from About
the Google Maps app for iPhone is a fast, lean, and accurate alternative to Apple's Maps app, and other iPhone GPS navigation apps on the market. Heavy navigation users will appreciate its speed and accuracy, but may balk at its lack of integration with Apple Contacts, and missing features, such as lane guidance... Full review
PC Magazine

Free, accurate GPS-enabled maps

from PC Magazine

Aside from some issues with the 3D interface while driving, Google Maps is a must-download for iPhone users, whether you're on foot or behind the wheel. There's no iPad version yet, unfortunately, though I imagine Google will rectify that sooner rather than later. Just as I've said in our Google Maps Navigation review, it does a nice job with car navigation, but dedicated car nav apps still offer more, and work more like standalone GPS devices. I wouldn't automatically discount every paid navigation app from consideration, but make no mistake: Google Maps for the iPhone is a comprehensive G... Full review


Maps done right

from Gizmodo
All of it. It just works great so far, thanks to an ingenious user interface and Google's smart, still best-of-class search engine. But the best perk? Unlike Apple's artificial product divide designed to sell products instead of serving its customers, the turn-by-turn navigation works in most low-end iOS devices... Full review
The Telegraph

Reliable and fully-featured

from The Telegraph

The whole app is well designed and works very smoothly with well integrated swipe gestures and simple, minimal menus. The search box is clearly placed at the top of the screen but deeper features are easily accessible. Search for a postcode, for example, and a swipe and a tap will drop you into Street View to get a closer look at where you're going. One quick tap will provide directions from your current location.

Google's maps app lacks some of Apple's features, most notably the 3D flyover mode, but it makes up for that in reliability and comprehensive coverage. It's essential f... Full review


The king of maps keeps getting better

from Cnet

If you haven't downloaded the Google Maps app yet (and, seriously, why haven't you?), do so now. Even if you don't think you'll use it that much, download it and let it sit on your iOS device. It's free, after all, and you never know when you might need it. All the new features in recent versions only add to the experience, with smarter rerouting based on traffic, expanded Zagat info and the Explore feature that comes in handy whether you're traveling or just want to find a quality establishment in your hometown.

Overall, we think this is mapping done correctly. It's accurate, ch... Full review

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