If you have problems with the Samsung Galaxy Centura, where can you go for support, replacement or repairs?

I can no longer get to my voicemails. When called it has a message and a beep to leave a message. But when I try to access them it says voicemail number unavailable to set up woicemail go to menu > settings.

the blue tooth won't stay on - turns off after I turn it on.

The caller ID stopped telling who was calling. Just has a number, and not a name on my Samsung Galaxy Centura. What can I do to get this working again?

Hi there Marge. I'm sorry to find that your question isn't answered yet. Let me try to help you. :) Are you playing a lot of games on your phone? Playing games gets your phone warm really fast, specially the 3D games. Your battery discharges too quickly? Check if you have a lot of apps running in the background, this drains the battery fast in standby mode. I suggest uninstalling apps like battery savers, RAM cleaner, storage cleaner, etc.

Marge Zanoni

Still looking for answer to previous question!!

Marge Zanoni

My Samsung galaxy centura battery gets warm & discharges too quickly. Is it the phone or do I need a new battery?

Marge Zanoni

My Samsung Galaxy Centura phone is 7 months old. It has started becoming warm and discharging too quickly (a few standby hours). Is this the phone, or do I need a new battery?


Is there supposed to be a notification icon on the notification bar when someone has left me a voice mail ? I have a Samsung centura phone. I never know if I have a voicemail, only a missed call icon. HELP. This is my second phone and it doesn't do it.

This is the second Galaxy Centura Samsung phone that has went out on me. They stop ringing, the speaker stops working after a few months...the last one I've only had it about a month and now I can't hear any sound on it except conversations but it won't ring, the speaker won't work. It's a Straight Talk and Walmart won't take it back after a week or so.

My text message went to draft status. How do I send it?

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