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What You Need to Know

As a division of Telus, Telus Mobility operates three different mobile networks in Canada serving nearly 9-million subscribers. Over the past three decades, Telus has grown to become the second-largest Mobile carrier in Canada.

Telus Mobility offers both prepaid and postpaid services. Postpaid plans currently range from $35 to $325 depending on your plan features and device financing. Prepaid plans start at $10 with high-end plans running up to $67.

If you need a phone, Telus offers a wide range of options with 2-year term contracts to help make any phone affordable.

What’s Good?

  • Device financing available
  • No-term plans available
  • Family sharing plans for added savings
  • Unlimited messaging on many plans
  • Canada-wide calling on many plans

What’s Bad?

  • Features don't stand out from competition
  • Single line plans are not competitive

Notable Features

Choice Plans: With flexible features and the ability to add up to 9 members to the plan, Choice Plans make it easy to keep track of voice and data costs while offering discounts over per-line plans.

Easy Roam: Flat per-day roaming rates keep costs predictable while you’re traveling so you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about bill shock when you get home.

Telus Learning Centre: Have questions about how to use your phone? Telus offers one-on-one training for common phone functions and accessories to help you make the most of your monthly service.

Data Manager: Fully-customizable notifications on data usage, cost-based data blocking, and other features help to ensure that you’re never surprised when you open your monthly bill. The feature is also great for keeping younger phone owners from using all of your data in a single afternoon.

Awards and Recognitions

How's the Network Coverage and Speed?

While Telus doesn’t mention specific figures, they do promote their coast-to-coast network coverage.

You can check coverage and network types in your area using their Coverage Map.

Notable considerations include:

  • Extended coverage in Manitoba is only available for HSPA/LTE devices
  • Prepaid service unavailable in extended Manitoba coverage areas
  • Data speeds and features may be limited in extended Manitoba coverage areas
  • Usage in extended Manitoba coverage areas limited to 50% of your overall monthly usage

Ranked second for download speeds in both the 4G and 3G network categories in Tutela's 2018 "Mobile Experience Report", tests showed an average speed of 15.68Mbits/sec for 4G downloads and 5.30Mbits/sec for 3G downloads. Uploads speeds averaged 8.70Mbits/sec across both 4G and 3G networks.

In the 2016 PC Magazine study, “Fastest Mobile Networks in Canada”, Telus ranked second for national average speeds. LTE download speeds measured at 53.26Mbits/s while LTE upload speeds measured at 15.33Mbits/sec.

Additional data from OpenSignal shows an average LTE download speed of 17.9Mbits/sec and LTE uploads of 8.9Mbits/sec. 3G downloads measured at 3Mbits/sec and 3G uploads at 1Mbit/sec.

Do They Charge Roaming Fees?

For the majority of Telus Mobility postpaid and prepaid plans, if you have coverage you can call within Canada with no worries.

If you’re traveling to the US, EasyRoam can help manage costs, providing access to the data, minutes and text allotment from your plan anywhere in the US for $8 per-day, per-line. Charges are capped at $120 per line per month.

Pay as you go rates in the US include:

  • $1.60 per minute for voice calls
  • $0.75 per sent text
  • $5.00 per MB of data used

International roaming add-ons include:

  • Easy Roam: For $12 per-day, per-line you can use the data, minutes and text allotment from your plan in more than 100 popular destinations around the world.

For pricing and additional details on specific destinations, refer to their Travel page.

What About Long Distance Fees?

Many plans offer nationwide calling. If you have a local calling plan, long distance fees within Canada will vary based on your plan and location.

For international calling, Telus offers a number of calling add-ons to help you save money:

  • International Long Distance Saver: For $2 per month you can save up to 95% off the standard per-minute rate on international calls. Discounts are available for more than 200 countries.
  • Country-Specific Calling Add-ons: If you frequently call the US, India or China and Hong Kong, you’ll find packages ranging from $15 to $20 to keep calls affordable.
  • Minute-Based Add-ons: Lastly, there are four add-ons, ranging from 60 minutes to 1000 minutes per month with a pool of countries from which to choose. Prices start at just $5.

You can find more about specific calling rates and options on their Long Distance page.

Does Telus Offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes. If you have a supported Android or iPhone model, they allow calling over Wi-Fi at no additional charge. They do not currently offer an app for Wi-Fi calling on non-supported phones.

Currently, the LG G6 is the only supported Android device.

For phone compatibility and usage instructions, consult their Wi-Fi Calling FAQ.

How About Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?

Yes--in select regions. Telus currently offers VoLTE service with a supported device in:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba 
  • Ontario (excluding Ottawa, Kingston, North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, and Thunder Bay)

When using VoLTE service, you can switch between voice and video calls as well as use 4G data while on calls.

Not sure if your phone is compatible? Consult their About VoLTE page.

For LTE availability in your area, check their coverage map.

Can I Tether My Mobile?

Telus allows you to create a wireless hotspot using any supporting mobile phone or tablet with a data plan. Remember, any data used while tethering counts against your monthly bucket. Computers and game consoles with often use data much faster than mobile devices. Always keep an eye on your usage if you decide to tether.

Do They Offer Data Rollover?

No. None of Telus Mobility’s prepaid or postpaid plans include data rollover.

Do They Offer Add-ons or Bundles?

Yes! All plans include voicemail, nationwide texting and picture messages. Postpaid plans also include unlimited family calling. Looking to add more features to your plan? Telus Mobility offers a number of add-ons.

Popular postpaid options include:

  • Data Top-Ups: From 200MB to 2GB, you can easily add data to your bucket and avoid costly overage fees.
  • Texting: You can add international text messaging to your plan starting in increments ranging from 100 to unlimited.
  • Premium Voicemail: By default, many plans only include voicemail storage for up to three messages. With add-ons, you can increase storage space, upgrade to Visual Voicemail on your iPhone or have voicemails transcribed to text.

Popular prepaid options include:

  • Data Top-Ups: With add-ons ranging from 100MB to 1GB, you can always be sure you have data when you need it.
  • Minute Top-Ups: Adding minutes to your plan is easy. Voice add-ons allow you add up to 250 local minutes to your monthly allotment. You can also add unlimited calls to a single number and unlimited early and evening and weekend calling for 30 days.
  • Premium Voicemail: Expand your voicemail storage to 10 messages.

Do They Offer Bring Your Own Device/Sim-Only Plans?

Yes! Bringing your own device to Telus offers a discount on your monthly plan and no need for a monthly device financing payment. Be sure that your device is carrier unlocked and supports 4G or 4G LTE networks.

For additional information on compatibility with their network, Telus offers an easy-to-use online tool.

Do They Require a Credit Check?

There are no credit checks for prepaid service. However, monthly service agreements may require a credit check. At the time of writing, this is a "hard" credit check. This means the check will likely show up on your credit report.

Items needed include 1 of the following:

  • Canadian Driver's Licence
  • Canadian SIN Card or Letter
  • Canadian Credit Card

Plus 1 of the following:

  • Valid Canadian Driver’s License (Not applicable if used as one of the items above)
  • Valid Canadian or Foreign Passport
  • Work Visa
  • Department of Defense ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Native Indian Status Card
  • CNIB Card
  • Valid, Government-Issued Provincial/Territorial Photo ID
  • Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)

NOTE: Credit checks from carriers that pull your credit bureau report may impact your credit score. If you're not sure the best options for your credit profile, we suggest contacting the carrier directly before attempting to obtain service.

For more information on credit check requirements and how they might affect your account, consult their Terms of Service.

What About Activation and SIM Fees?

Telus charges a $60 connection fee for a new lines of service and contract renewals. However, they'll waive the fee if you complete the process online. 

If you activate in-store or over the phone and sign up for pre-authorized payments within 30 days of activation or renewal, they'll reduce your connection fee to $35.

To you bring your own phone or tablet to Telus, you'll need a Telus SIM. SIM Kits are available through their retail and online stores.

As of April 12, 2018, Telus no longer charges a separate SIM fee. The card is included in their connection fees.

Learn more at Telus's Optional Service Fee page.

NOTE: Fees often differ between retail stores and websites. Be sure to check both before signing up or adding a line to your account to maximize savings.

Do They Charge an Early Termination Fee?

Depending on your account status, you may have an early termination fee if you choose to cancel service. On Telus’ Mobility Service Terms support page, they note:

“To cancel your service, contact TELUS with the date you want the cancellation to be effective. Cancellation fees may apply.”

Can I Port My Number To or From Telus Mobility?

Yes! Telus Mobility follows all Local Number Portability requirements to make it easy for you to bring your number from your existing carrier or landline.

To transfer the number to or from Telus Mobility:

  • You must have a Telus Mobility account
  • The account that you wish to transfer to or from must be active and in good standing
  • The area code of the number you wish to transfer must match your local calling service area

Telus notes that the process may take up to 2.5 for non-Telus mobile numbers and up to 48 hours (2 business days) for landlines.

You can find full details on starting the process on their support page.

Will Telus Mobility Unlock My Phone?

Yes! According to CRTC Wireless Code regulations effective December 2017, they must unlock your phone free of charge upon request. If you received a subsidy on your phone, you must wait 90 days before unlocking your phone.

Telus Mobility will unlock any phone locked to their network provided you meet the following conditions:

  • The device must not be reported lost or stolen
  • The device is associated with your account

You can start the unlocking process by calling customer care.

For additional questions about Telus Mobility pricing, features, and coverage, be sure to check out our Telus Mobility Q&A Forum. It’s filled with questions and answers from people like you looking to get the most out of their mobile service!

If you spot any errors or missing information, please let us know! It's appreciated and will help make this page better for everyone.

Voice network: HSPA 850/1900 MHz, LTE 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
Data network: HSPA, HSPA+, LTE

Telus Customer Service

Mailing Address:
200 Consilium Place, Suite 1600 Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3J3

Phone Number:
1-866-558-2273 (or *611 from your cell)

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