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UE Megaboom review

8.7/10 AVG.
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UE Megaboom
UE Megaboom
UE Megaboom
UE Megaboom
UE Megaboom

The Megaboom gets the basics right and successfully builds out other features that make sense on top of that foundation.

- Tyler Hays, Tools & Toys 

If you’re willing to pay for the latest and greatest, the Megaboom is an impressive follow-up.

- Ryan Waniata, Digital Trends 

Specs / Features

Wireless Inputs Bluetooth, NFC
Warranty (Months) -
Size 8 x 8 cm (3.2 x 3.2 in)
Weight N/A
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Reviews summary section

What's good

  • IPX7 rated – waterproof
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good sound fidelity on low and high range at moderate volumes
  • 360 degree sound thanks to cylindrical shape
  • Excellent Bluetooth range

What's bad

  • Some flattening of sounds at higher volumes
  • High price tag

After the success of the Boom, Ultimate Ears is following it up with the Megaboom. As the name suggests, the Megaboom is larger than its predecessor though it still maintains a very portable size of 8.5 x 3.2 inches and weighs a scant 875 grams. It maintains its trademark cylindrical shape which allows users to set it up either horizontally, vertically or even suspended thanks to a metal climb at the bottom. Regardless of how they set it up, reviewers were able to get the same great sound experience. It is also now IPX7 certified. The rubber doors on the bottom seal up the USB charge ports and 3.5mm input jacket making it waterproof in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. UE hasn't made too many other design changes though, which critics didn't mind. It still has the same rubberized main panel, textured screen and vibrant color options.

Besides some design changes, the Megaboom also comes with a few technical upgrades as well. It now features a longer-range Bluetooth. Critics were able to get a solid connection of over 75 feet with direct line of sight though they over that they experience some occasional dropout. Speaking of Bluetooth, it also comes with Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows users to turn the speaker on and off remotely via the UE app. It can also pair two speakers together, equalize sound and even set up an alarm function.

The larger size isn't just for show. The Megaboom comes with larger drivers and radiators for a bigger sound. It comes with 2 inch active drivers and 2 4-inch passive radiators to extend the bass. Experts were able to get the speaker to play louder with good clarity and minimal distortion. CNET notes though that when pushed to full volume on certain tracks they were able to "hear it tone down certain frequencies, particularly the low end, to prevent distortion." Digital Trends adds, "…the Megaboom tended to flatten textures, and add a little more pinch to the topside." Critics also mention that while it plays well in indoor situations, the "360-degree sound" shines outdoors as it can cover a wide area.

As a portable device, battery life is incredibly important for wireless speakers and Megaboom delivers. Experts were able to get over 20 hours of continuous play without a charge at moderate volumes. Of course louder volumes will drain the battery faster and they were able to get around 10 hours on full capacity. It can be charged via micro-USB and while it can technically pair up with any charger, critics noticed it charged faster with the included AC adapter.

Overall, reviewers enjoyed the Megaboom though they were a bit turned off by the high price. Still, they agree that it is worth the price. Pocket Lint states, "Megaboom is a standout product…even the high price can't muddy the raft of good points…" Wired adds, "It's the best battery-powered speaker for almost any mobile application, inside or outside the home."

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