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JayBird BlueBuds X Sport review

7.3/10 AVG.
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JayBird BlueBuds X Sport
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport

Specs / Features

Warranty (Months) -
Release date -
Size 12 x 5 cm (4.7 x 2 in)
Weight N/A
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Reviews summary section

What's good

  • Sweat-resistant design
  • Adjustable cables
  • Secure fit
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

What's bad

  • Fitting issues
  • Cable adjustment is tricky
  • In-line remote is difficult to use
  • Price

When it comes to listening to music or watching movies during your workout, the market is mostly full of wired options. JayBird wants to change that with the BlueBuds X Sport. While far from the cheapest set of Bluetooth earbuds on the market, does the fit and quality of these exercise-centric earbuds match the price? Reviews seem to think so.

When it comes to technology and features, there isn’t much to set these earbuds apart from the pack. They’re small, light and rechargeable--all musts for Bluetooth earbuds. Where these earbuds seems to shine, and receive the most praise in reviews, is in their design. With three different silicon tip sizes and a unique wing system that uses your ear’s folds to hold the earbuds in place, PC Magazine calls it the “most exercise-friendly pair for audio nerds” and CNet praises them, stating they are “one of the better pairs of wireless sports headphones I've used.”

You can run the cord connecting the earbuds over your ear and behind your head for strictly listening or under your neck should you want to use the included in-line mic to make calls or issue voice commands to your phone or device. To help keep cords tangle-free and let you focus on your workout, the earbuds include a snapping cord adjustment system. Reviews are mixed on this feature, with CNet saying “the design could be better and easier” and PC Magazine saying it was “a simple process.”

One thing that all reviews agreed on, however, was audio quality. Once you found the right combination of tips and wings to hold the earbuds in place, audio quality is supposedly superb. All reviews noted rich bass, without washing out higher notes, and plenty of volume and clarity.
SlashGear says, “They don't quite add up to the power of a real wired set of buds, of course, but they're just about as close as you're going to get at the moment.” To truly enjoy the earbuds, a proper fit is imperative. All reviews noted a severe drop in bass response and overall volume without a good seal in the ear.

To power your workout soundtrack, the earbuds include an 8-hour rechargeable battery. Reviews found that battery life was close to, if not better, than JayBird states. If you need to charge your earbuds, a MicroUSB port is hidden under a protective cap on the earbuds to make charging simple and reduce the number of cables you have to carry around.

Add in a lifetime sweat-related warranty and a clamshell protective case and you have a set of earbuds that, according to reviews, are ready to go anywhere you want to be. While finding the perfect combination to fit your ears might take a little work, The Gadgeteer sums up most reviews well, saying “their sound quality, features, and capabilities are impressive.”


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