Which model numbers of the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 are compatible with the 4G and 3G network services of the UK ‘3’ network?

I live in the United Kingdom, where I’ve found that the best comms network provider for mobile computing is the ‘3’ network, operated by Hutchison Whampoa Limited. As far as I can tell, the frequencies used by the UK ‘3’ network are as follows...

Table » http://en.wikipedia.org.advanc.io/wiki/Hutchison_3G#Radio_frequency_summary_7
Title: Frequencies used on the Three UK network

...although I’m betting theinformr may well know of a more authoritative and reliable source for global comms network provider frequency usage data.

The model that uses GSM(2G) 900 / 1800, UMTS(3G) 2100, LTE(4G) 1800.

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