How to turn off child mode but don't know the password of Xiaomi account?

I accidentally activate child mode. I want to turn it off, but I do not know the xiao account password. For info, my hp is a gift from my father and is my mother's old hp. My own mother did not remember her password. So, how is the solution to my problem?

Try this:

1. airplane mode

2. Emergency call.

3. Contacts.

4. After entering contacts, if you data turned on again then put in to aiplane mode again.

5. On contacts press contacts.

6. Swipe down.

7. Press sync with mi cloud.

8. Setting.

or this:

Firstly turn-on the Airplane Mode by long pressing the power button > Airplane mode. Once enabled, tap on default browser and search for anything. As the Airplane mode is enabled, you will see a message stating that it can’t connect to network. Under that you will see an option called “Mobile network”. Tap on it. Now these will take you to the Settings where you can easily disable the Child Mode.

Let us know which one works for you.


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