How much would the Primus $25 More Talk & Text Plan with Voicemail cost?

Could I take this plan within a one-year contract? Thanks!


$25 More Talk & Text Plan

Advertised Price: $25.00 per month + 911 ($0.75 / month) + HST ($3.35 /month)
Total Estimated Price: $29.10 / month

Contract Length: Month to month, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years

Voicemail Add-Ons

Basic ($7 per month)
Basic voicemail is perfect for people that need a simple voicemail solution.

Enhance ($8 per month)
Enhanced voicemail is a powerful voicemail solution that gives you the extra message storage capacity you need, and lets you reply to messages at the touch of a button to a person or group.

* Key Features: All the features of Basic voicemail plus:
* More storage - store up to 50, 3 minute messages for up to 30 days
* Skip entering your password to retrieve messages faster (if you wish). This feature can be turned on or off anytime.
* Call return - connect immediately to the caller who left you a message, just by pressing '8'. When you're done, you'll be returned to your voicemail session to continue listening to messages.
* Group Messaging - send a single voice message to 50 Primus Wireless Voicemail users at the same time. You can create up to 20 group-messaging lists.

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